Nicole Kapper

Graphic Designer,  Social Media Coordinator, Content Creator, Copywriter, Photographer


Athena Club 

Freelance Social Media Manager 

I am responsible for planning content & copy across all organic social channels. Using a monthly-weekly content calendar with the support of UGC content I’ve briefed and content I create. I use weekly metric reports and social/cultural events to support content direction.

Isla Beauty

Director of  Visual Communication

I am responsible for maintaining all social accounts. As well as designing and creating content ranging from video to still images, emails, informational content and branded materials. I'm working one on one with the Creative Director  on campaigns from ideation to completion.  

Love Dose


Love Dose was founded in 2019 with sustainability and creativity at the forefront.  We create a new purpose for secondhand vessels and homes for vintage goods. I work on all aspects of the business, focusing on creative campaigns and product design.


Graphic Design + Riso Printing 

Plaza is a direct mailer that explores familiarity through printed material, with each edition bringing a new theme.

Address Not Found

Graphic Design 

Ordinary life is anything but ordinary. This book is a study on how the intimate, simple tasks of daily life add up to a complex social dance of role-playing, detachment, repetition, success, and failure. My project examines these themes in various ways — curiosity of the unknown, public and private spaces, New York City as a changing landscape, and mass communication in the physical world.

Presenting these collections in a similar form to a telephone book is a nod to past modes of mass communication.  The colors are used in a similar way as they direct the reader, highlighting sections and creating typographic hierarchies. The body copy and headers are set using Bell Gothic, originally commissioned by the AT&T corporation for use in telephone books.