Nicole Kapper

Graphic Designer,  Social Media Coordinator, Copywriter, Photographer, and Business Owner


Isla Beauty

Director of  Visual Communication

I am responsible for maintaining all social accounts. As well as designing and creating content ranging from video to still images, emails, informational content and branded materials. I'm working 1:1 with the creative director and art director on campaigns from ideation to completion. 

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Ordinary life is anything but ordinary. This book is a study on how the intimate, simple tasks of daily life add up to a complex social dance of role-playing, detachment, repetition, success, and failure. My project examines these themes in various ways — curiosity of the unknown, public and private spaces, New York City as a changing landscape, and mass communication in the physical world.

Presenting these collections in a similar form to a telephone book is a nod to past modes of mass communication.  The colors are used in a similar way as they direct the reader, highlighting sections and creating typographic hierarchies. The body copy and headers are set using Bell Gothic, originally commissioned by the AT&T corporation for use in telephone books. 

Love Dose


Love Dose was founded in 2019 with sustainability and creativity at the forefront.  We create a new purpose for secondhand vessels and homes for vintage goods. I work on all aspects of the business, focusing on creative campaigns and product design.


These images eavesdrop on the daily lives of New Yorkers in public spaces. I only stop to collect an image as a mode of reflection (going backwards). Backwards is an exploration of mundane actions that have complexcitiy that bring u together as in shared space.